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Social Security for Veterans Needs a Second Look

Posted on Dec 09, 2013

In the United States, Americans celebrate Veteran’s Day every November. During this time, people honor those who have served the country and defended the freedoms so many Americans enjoy. Now, many are asking for a second look to be given to Social Security for veterans to be sure the government is protecting the health and well being of the soldiers fighting for the United States.

There are 22 million veterans in America. Many of these veterans need help overcoming post-combat ailments, such as stress disorders, ringing in the ears after a grenade explosion damaged ear drums, and much, much more. When the federal government has budget problems, it’s the veterans who pay the price.

Any cut to Social Security benefits for veterans would make life harder for the families of the people who served the United States.

One way politicians aim to reform Social Security is through revising the Consumer Price Index, a statistic that is used to measure inflation. If the federal government adopted the so-called “chained CPI” that some politicians prefer, this will have a profound effect on veterans.

A chained CPI would cut Social Security benefits. If it passes, a worker retiring at the age of 65 would have their benefits reduced by $650 a year by age 75, and by $1,130 per year by age 85. Because veterans retire at an earlier age, they would hit harder than the average citizen. Even worse, chained CPI would cut the Social Security disability benefits that so many veterans rely on as well.

At our Massachusetts Social Security disability law office, we stand by our veterans and oppose any cuts to the Social Security disability benefits that could have a serious impact on the lives of our military members and their families. This view is shared by many other organizations that support veterans, including the American Legion and the Vietnam Veterans of America.

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