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Washington Car Dealers Plead Guilty in a Disability Scam

Posted on Oct 10, 2011

A Mill Creek, Washington car dealer and his wife have pleaded guilty in a disability scam that netted them almost $300,000. On September 19, 2011 Anthony George, 37, and Roxanne George, 35, accepted responsibility for federal charges of Social Security fraud. Seven other people have also been accused of being in on the same scam.

The couple is accused of getting Social Security disability benefits by using a false identity. In 1982, Anthony George allegedly applied for a second Social Security number, using the name Sonny Fisher, and received benefits under that name.

Roxanne George is accused of lying about her husband's condition, saying that he was unable to work. The couple and their co-defendants are accused of claiming mental disabilities severe enough to keep them from working. The entire group netted over $700,000 in benefits.

By using multiple Social Security numbers, inaccurate information about their assets and work, convincing misrepresentations of their conditions at interviews, and fake driver's licenses, the accused are said to have cheated not only the system, but the taxpayers as well.

U.S. Attorney Janet Durkan said, "This kind of fraud tears at that safety net and betrays taxpayers who expect their hard earned dollars to go to the truly needy."

Roxanne George has agreed to pay restitution of $91,500 while her husband has agreed to $198,100. The couple faces up to five years in prison. Six of the other seven accused remain under indictment.

The attorneys at Keefe Disability Law in Massachusetts condemn the use of the Social Security disability program to line the pockets of the greedy. Too many really are disabled and need help. If you are one of the needy and not the greedy, please call us today toll free at 888-904-6847. We want to represent your legitimate claim.

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