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Update on Horrific Philadelphia Social Security Fraud Case

Posted on Dec 05, 2011

Last month’s shocking news that four mentally disabled victims were being held captive in a smelly Philadelphia basement boiler room in order to steal their disability benefits shows just how far some people will go to rob the Social Security disability system.

Linda Ann Weston, 51, was charged in October 2011, after the discovery of mentally disabled victims locked in her basement. She is accused of keeping them locked up in squalid conditions in order to cash in on their monthly disability checks.

Three additional suspects have been named in the case: Jean McIntosh, 32, Weston’s daughter; Gregory Thomas, 47, Weston’s boyfriend; and Eddie Wright, 50. All are charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and more.

Since the initial arrests, new charges were filed involving a 19-year-old woman who was allegedly locked in a bathroom closet for at least two weeks. The investigation continues to serve up new information. The four defendants in this case will appear in court December 19.

Robert Sanabria, 29, the younger brother of Edwin Sanabria, one of the victims, saw his brother’s name in the news. An Army sergeant, he traveled from Ft. Bragg to Philadelphia to his brother’s rescue. Sanabria says Edwin has begun to describe the horrific conditions in the basement. He plans for Edwin to come and live with him.

While abuses of the Social Security disability system like the Philadelphia basement case are rare, they illustrate the vulnerability of many disability recipients.

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