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Unemployed Americans Try to Survive Through SSA Disability

Posted on Jan 28, 2012

In a December 2011 news story, The Huffington Post reported that many Americans are turning to the Social Security Administration’s disability program to combat their lack of employment.

Times are tough and once their unemployment insurance runs out, people turn to another source of money to get their bills paid. Unfortunately, they are often successful in receiving SSA disability benefits, which they may not deserve. This leads to a great burden on the federal program that helps so many truly disabled citizens.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, the number of SSA disability recipients has grown by 47% since 2002. This whopping increase threatens the ability of the SSA to meet its financial obligations, putting the entire program in financial trouble.

Once a person has qualified for disability, he or she will most likely continue to receive benefits until retirement age is reached and Social Security Retirement kicks in. In one 2006 study, economists David Autor and Mark Duggan found that an average disability recipient will collect a total of over $240,000.

In November, the average length of time an American spends jobless hit a high of 40.9 weeks, a new national record. So, when the unemployment insurance runs out, these people turn to the SSA disability program to pay their bills.

The answer lies with the U.S. Congress, who recently extended unemployment benefits for two months, which some say is too little too late. There is currently a push to extend unemployment insurance to one year. If this happens, it is hoped that the strain will be less for the SSA disability program.

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