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U.S. Postal Worker Admits to Social Security Disability Fraud

Posted on Dec 22, 2013

A former United States Postal worker admitted in Federal Court to having falsely claimed to be injured in order to receive disability benefits.

65-year-old Zdena Hock, pleaded guilty to one count of theft of government services. Her Social Security disability fraud cost taxpayers over $50,000.

Hock filed for disability in January 2012. On her application, she claimed that she was injured while working at the Mid-Island Processing and Distribution Center in Melville. She cited serious back and neck injuries claiming that the pain ranged from strong to severe. She also claimed this pain during medical examinations she received periodically.

Court documents showed that Hock was seen swimming at her neighborhood pool an average of three times each week. Her swims included lap swims and jumping into the pool. Reports also showed that she carried groceries for over a quarter mile.

Federal investigators looked into claims of Hock’s Social Security disability fraud after another employee at the U.S. Postal Service became suspicious when Hock did not report her injuries until six days following the incident.

Hock pled guilty to the charges and now she faces up to one year in prison and restitution of $51,000. Hock’s attorney was unable to be reached for a comment.

It is disheartening to hear of cases like this as Social Security disability attorneys in Massachusetts, because we understand how many people need and rely on Social Security disability to help when they are unable to work. We applaud the efforts of the federal investigators for stopping this Social Security fraud.


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