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Philadelphia Woman Victimizes Disabled in Social Security Disability Rip-off

Posted on Nov 05, 2011

Linda Ann Weston was arrested in Philadelphia in October 2011 and charged with keeping four mentally disabled people in her basement in order to collect their Social Security disability checks.

The authorities found the four victims, aged 29 - 40, to be malnourished and possibly tortured. As facts about the case emerge, the scene becomes more and more unimaginable.

There is still no clear idea of how Weston found the victims or got access to their Social Security checks. What is becoming clear, though, is that her crimes were not limited to the four captives. Police found identification paperwork for as many as 50 people, including Social Security numbers, in Weston's possession.

Weston had previously served eight years in prison for starving a young man to death in her apartment in 1981. Also arrested in the current crimes were Weston's boyfriend, Gregory Thomas, and a homeless man, Eddie Wright.

Philadelphia Police Lt. Ray Evers said, "You can't get any lower than how they preyed on these people." He added that, as they locate family members of the victims, "The relatives are just falling down to the floor to hear that these people were found."

While stories this horrific are rare, Social Security fraud is not. But every time one abuser is arrested, funds become available for one more deserving beneficiary.

The attorneys at Keefe Disability Law are always encouraged when officials uncover disability fraud.

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