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Massachusetts Social Security Disability Recipient Happy With New Law

Posted on Feb 15, 2014

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health recently awarded 20 medical marijuana dispensaries licenses to operate. Now, a Social Security disability recipient in Massachusetts and his family are speaking out in their gratitude for the new law.

Brian Bagley, a Massachusetts Social Security disability recipient, is particularly happy about the new law. A constant kidney condition limited the types of drugs he can take. His wife, Amanda Bagley of Worcester, said that she has seen her husband Brian, 43, who has suffered from chronic sciatica and two slipped discs, get the relief he needs from medical marijuana.

Bagley believes that the marijuana has reduced her husband’s nerve pain, helping reduce the intensity of muscle spasms he experiences. It does not harm his kidneys, making it one of the few medications his body can tolerate. In the past, they tried to buy the medical marijuana on the black market. Now, with the new dispensaries, the Massachusetts Social Security disability recipient can avoid dealing with street dealers and instead buy from a trusted dispensary.

Former State Senator Brian Lees serves on the board of Debilitating Medical Condition Treatment Centers. He told reporters that the process of deciding which dispensaries would receive the license was long but fair. Each county must have one dispensary, but not more than five. Only two licenses were granted in western Massachusetts—one each in Hampden and Hampshire counties.

Eight applicants were denied a license to sell medical marijuana. They were invited to reapply in one of the counties that did not receive a license, which may open more dispensaries across the state.

As Massachusetts Social Security disability lawyers, we are happy to see that more options are being made available to people suffering serious medical conditions.

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