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Massachusetts Social Security Disability Offices Told to “Slow Down”

Posted on Oct 23, 2011

During the first week of October 2011, Social Security disability managers told their employees to slow down. This unusual request came for reasons the average person would not be aware of.

Every five or six years, the fiscal year for the federal government ends up with an extra week in the 52-week calendar year. What this means is that any disability claims approved during the 53rd week do not count towards the annual targets for Social Security judges or field offices.

While Social Security Disability offices usually average about 3,000 cases a day, only 230 were approved on Monday, October 3. With almost 750,000 applications on hold and more than ten million already in the program this year, many Americans could be affected by this slow-down directive.

More important is what this directive says about the way the SSA does business. Witold Skwiercznski, a labor union president, said, "It's an indication of the philosophy of how the agency operates, that the numbers are more important than the service."

In the end, due to complaints by judges, professors, and unions, the agency was ordered to resume normal operations, but not before many questioned the importance of the disabled worker's rights.

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