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Cop Receiving $2M in Disability Pension Filmed at Gun Range

Posted on Jan 04, 2014

A former New Jersey Transit police officer, Christopher Onesti, retired at 29 after a staple injury in his finger cost him his ability to shoot. Now, recent videos have surfaced of the 29-year-old at a shooting range.

The videos have sparked outrage among disability advocates because he now receives payments on his life disability pension plan for over $2 million. In spite of his career-ending injury, Onesti was filmed firing a weapon. The problem with this was his doctors’ statements in 2008—when his career came to a sudden end—that he had a significant impediment in his ability to fire a weapon.

Onesti has admitted to using the gun range several times each year, even after he was declared totally and permanently disabled after he accidentally stapled his non-trigger finger while hanging up shooting targets. At the time he was awarded his disability, multiple doctors claimed that his injury prevented him from firing a gun or performing other critical duties of the job.

In a recent interview, Onesti claimed that he had asked for a desk job, but that the department refused and offered him a high-disability pension plan instead. The disability pension plan he will receive is set to reward him $2,343,000 by the time he is 80 years old.

Onesti admits that he thinks the disability pension plan is ridiculous, but he backs it up by saying that the law offered him the plan. New Jersey Transit declined a response to the allegations for his injury.

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