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Calls Increase for Social Security Disability Reform

Posted on Oct 04, 2013

At our Massachusetts Social Security law firm, we hear and understand the growing concern over the lack of Social Security disability law reform. Without changes being made, many Social Security recipients may lose the benefits they rely on by 2016 when the funds will be depleted.

People from all across the country are concerned with the lack of congressional action to stabilize funding for the system. One Social Security recipient in Dorchester, Massachusetts, who has been on disability for years, may lose benefits if Congress does not act. Unless Congress reforms Social Security, disability benefits may be cut by 20 percent.

Many SSDI recipients across the country worry about the consequences of a lack of reform. If SSDI is cut, many will have to cut back on food and other daily necessities.

The complications in getting the system reformed are due to polarized political views among Americans about government social programs.

Approximately 11 million Americans, including their children, receive benefits from the government because of a disability that prevents them from working. On average, disabled workers receive $1,129.51 each month. Conservatives believe that the program is bloated and want to see a reduction in how many people receive benefits. Advocates for the program want to see the benefits continue, but are torn in how the system should get the money to make this happen.

As Boston Social Security disability attorneys, we understand the impact cuts in SSDI could have on people who need this money to survive. As the debate continues, many people watch and wonder what the solution will be. After all, the Social Security retirement fund will be depleted in 2033, and many believe that reforming Social Security disability may shape how Congress handles this next Social Security reform project.

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