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Another Lawmaker Seeks Review of Social Security Disability Fraud

Posted on Feb 04, 2014

Another lawmaker is expected to begin demanding a comprehensive review of the Social Security Administration’s disability structure. This review comes after numerous stories of Social Security disability fraud.

Rep. Sam Johnson, the chair of the House subcommittee overseeing Social Security, is expected to ask the Social Security Administration’s inspector general to begin an investigation. This request comes after a claim that over 100 unqualified people in New York were cheating the system and collecting Social Security disability insurance fraudulently.

There have been other recent claims that have sparked this demand for a review of the Social Security system. One was from August where fraud was found on a wide scale in Puerto Rico. Another recent claim of a former judge and disability lawyer working to get more cases through the system also caught the eye of lawmakers.

The disability program pays around $140 billion in benefits to approximately 11 million people. This makes it one of the government’s largest programs. In spite of that, there is a lot that is unknown about how the Social Security system works, which has alarmed many people.

The Social Security disability fraud scandals have come on the heels of other reports that show the fund that provides SSDI benefits to recipients is quickly depleting.

Members from both sides of the aisle have demanded more information and answers to the Social Security disability fraud claims. Up until now, the agency has told Congress that disability fraud is very rare. Although the Inspector General’s office has yet to refute those claims, the comprehensive review being demanded by Rep. Johnson could shake the relationship between the Inspector General and the Social Security Administration’s senior officials.

As Social Security disability attorneys in New England, we encourage the investigation and hope to see a stop put to fraudulent claims that steal money from disability recipients in need of this government benefit.

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