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Angry Man Crashes Van into SS Office and Still Gets Benefits

Posted on Sep 29, 2011

Tired of waiting for his Social Security disability claim to be approved, a Traverse City, Michigan man lost his temper and patience and backed his van into a local Social Security office entrance. The July 3, 2011 incident was closely followed with the news that his claim had been approved and he would be receiving about $1,000 a month.

Douglas McCallum, 47, said that he was in a "fit of rage" after "being screwed over" for years by the government. His claim for a bad back was, ironically, approved, but he may not see the money now because of his legal troubles.

Even though the Social Security office was closed and no one injured when McCallum rammed it, he still faces criminal charges for malicious destruction of property and can be jailed as long as five years. He is being evaluated for mental health issues and his lawyer is entering a plea of insanity.

Robert Simpson, district manager for the Social Security Administration, said, "People who are allowed Social Security, we pay them based on their disability factors, and if Mr. McCallum is eligible, we would go ahead and pay him. Of course, we are always bothered when people get benefits that have harmed other people, but it's the law."

However, he added that disability payments are typically suspended if someone is imprisoned. McCallum could, if found guilty and sentenced to jail, begin the process again in order to be reinstated.

The Social Security experts at Keefe Disability Law urge anyone who is having trouble getting a disability claim processed to seek legal help before too much time goes by. Our legal team stands ready to defend your rights. Call toll free at 888-904-6847 for a free case evaluation.

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