I am a Boston resident living with the HIV virus. I am worried about what happens if I cant work. How will I live? Does the Social Security Administration ever award disability benefits to HIV/AIDS patients?

Yes, HIV/AIDS is one of the qualifying conditions found on the SSA disability “Listing of Impairments,” Adult Listings (Part A), which can be found on their website. It is covered under “Immune System Disorders.”

The SSA disability system defines these disorders as those that “cause dysfunction in one or more components of your immune system.” Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is listed as one of three categories of immune system disorders.

If you plan to apply for SSA disability benefits for your condition, we advise you to plan ahead. It can take a long time, sometimes months, to get your initial response once you have applied. And if you are denied, you will need to appeal to get a favorable decision. Appeals can take even longer to process and many give up.

We would like to talk to you about your options. Keefe Disability Law has helped many Boston area residents with their claims. Massachusetts disability attorney John Keefe and his team can advise you on exactly when to file your claim and help you with the application process. And if you are denied, we can continue to fight your battle for you.

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