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Combat Veteran’s PTSD Improves Through Homeopathic Treatment

Posted on Aug 09, 2012

The Huffington Post recently reported on the results of homeopathic treatment on a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder. The VA had treated the patient, referred to simply as “Jack,” for 14 years for his PTSD. This included six years during which he was an inpatient in the psychiatric care ward.

Dr. Larry Malerba told Jack’s story: A Vietnam combat veteran, Jack was both a witness to and participant in the violence of war. He also sustained mortar wounds to both his shoulder and knee. When Malerba met him, Jack was being treated with five drugs prescribed to help him with depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and pain.

Jack told Malerba that he had not been the same person since his tour of duty. He said he had become a “wild man” who had attacked others with his car and a knife, and he experienced flashbacks, nightmares, and pain that made it impossible for him to live a normal life. Suicidal thoughts filled his days.

According to Malerba, homeopathic medicine assumes that “body, mind, and emotions cannot be separated and must be treated as a whole.” After studying Jack’s problems, Malerba initiated homeopathic treatment. The results after three months under Malerba’s care were remarkable.

Jack was taking only three of the five drugs he had been on before. He also tried a number of homeopathic medicines, including belladonna, which seemed to bring about positive changes. He reported that he was “feeling better.” He was able to sleep better, see his daughter again, live with less pain and even work part time at his mother’s antique store.

Malerba reported that a year after initiating treatment, Jack had begun taking night classes and was able to move into his own apartment.

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